Presenting at the MinneSLIFE Annual Conference

Meet Tammy Wilson, author of “Through My Eyes”, a text widely used in Minnesota classrooms. She is also Principal of Discovery Elementary School in St. Cloud.

Zamzam is presented as a child who is fascinated by her new country and her new peers, but at the same time is proud of her Islamic and Somali heritage. This sends a powerful message to young Somali Americans, who at times struggle to reconcile the various aspects of their identity.” Book review by Somali Literacy Project

This book should be read by every American. It is a heartwarming, at times heartbreaking, exploration of the struggles of a young refugee girl, and beyond that it is an affirmation of all people who struggle and then succeed in social and cultural adaptations.” Dennis Dalman, Editor for Newsleader

Through My Eyes is released at a time when our communities need to foster understanding, inclusion and positivity regardless of our roots.” Abdul Kulane, Contributing writer, Saint Cloud Times